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Call Center Strategy & Implementation

Our client is a SaaS technology company in the logistics industry that provides planning and execution services for the automotive retail, fleet and rental, OEM and auto auction industries. To ensure a better service, the company decided to implement a call center service to provide 24/7 support to its users and potential clients. Nepanoa led every activity of this endeavor.

Client Challenges

  • Deciding on where to establish its Call Center based on cost, labor availability, and infrastructure 

  • Implementing and maintaining a reliable infrastructure and efficient technological setup for the call center 

  • Incompatible technology used throughout the company leading to manual and time consuming activities

  • Lack of consistent and accurate information transmitted to customers, requiring the development of clear call responses and protocols

  • Undefined roles and responsibilities for users and areas

  • High duplication of tasks across teams

  • Lack of adequate customer support to ensure issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner


How Nepanoa Added Value

Nepanoa partnered with the client to lead the strategy and implementation of its call center. 

North Star

  • Defined the organization’s vision for the call center and its operation

  • Conducted a financial analysis to decide on the most suitable location 

  • Led workshops to define the call center’s strategy

Execution Strategy:

  • Identified and analyzed different call center providers 

  • Selected the best service provider for the organization taking into consideration their capabilities

  • Held meetings with each provider to identify each provider’s capabilities

  • Carried out a comprehensive due diligence between the different providers to select the best fit for the company

  • Redesigned processes to ensure efficiency in the future state



  • Developed a Transformation Roadmap to align the call center’s strategy with the company’s operations, ensuring a seamless integration and implementation

  • Defined roles to be outsourced and delineated their responsibilities

  • Designed training guides to ensure the correct procedures were being followed by CSRs 

  • Carried out training sessions with internal & external stakeholders

  • Defined the technologies to be used

  • Implemented transformed processes


  • Led and oversaw the call center’s operations ensuring a successful implementation and ongoing performance

  • Executed pilot for the call center

  • Provided live support to the call center

  • Created and delivered weekly reports with relevant KPIs



Nepanoa effectively worked alongside the client, providing support in the selection, strategic planning, and execution of their Call Center in Mexico.

Reduction in customer support handle time


Customer support errors decreased, improving the quality of service


Reduced time allocation on operations support



How can Nepanoa help you? Reach out, we’re here to help.

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