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Entering the Mexico Market

Our client is a US-based Software as a Service (“SaaS”) logistics company that provides services to the Automotive Retail, Fleet & Rental, and OEM & Auction industries via the use of their Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) powered software. As part of their strategy, they aim to continue growing in North America by expanding their operations into Mexico.

Client Challenges


  • Lack of knowledge of the Mexico market (e.g., size, price, target clients, competitors, business dynamics)

  • Undefined international operating model

  • Absence of qualified personnel to carry out the expansion objectives

  • Gridlock in cultural, language, and communication channels 

  • Regulatory landscape and political risk factors

How Nepanoa Added Value

We accompanied our client through the Trigger, Case for Change, Decision, North Star, Execution Strategy, and Set-up phases of the Nepanoa Transformation Lifecycle to conquer their challenges and accomplish their expansion goals. The Nepanoa team fully immersed itself as a leader of the expansion, bringing the right knowledge, unparalleled commitment, and expertise to “get things done”.

Trigger: Performed a deep dive into the motivation behind the expansion efforts and its objectives.


  • Confirmed coherence with our client’s overall strategy

  • Analyzed analog businesses that have expanded into Mexico

  • Evaluated possibility of success 

  • Identified risks/challenges of expansion vs. doing nothing

Case for Change: Gathered and analyzed information about the Mexico market to make a “go’” vs. “no-go” decision.


  • Performed full market analysis: industries, size, price, ideal client, competitors, and relevant regulations

  • Built a Case for Change that included:

    • Expansion roadmap to prioritize initiatives

    • Estimated cost of effort

    • Estimated financial projections

    • Target Operating Model

Decision: Guided our client through the decision of expanding into Mexico.


  • Presented Case for Change and Nepanoa’s independent recommendation

  • Led decision-making session with relevant stakeholders

North Star: Ideated how the future looks for the client from a business, people, and technology perspective.


  • Led North Star workshops to determine, in detail, the client’s target operating model in Mexico

  • Generated client’s North Star profile

Execution Strategy: Defined and mapped out the strategic initiatives necessary to accomplish our client’s North Star.


  • Delineated Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Defined the “ideal client”

  • Cured a list of the top potential partners and clients

  • Developed marketing materials

  • Defined Mexico Sales process

Set-up: Prepared our client for success by establishing their Mexico team and introducing them to potential customers.


  • Introduced our client to 10 of their largest potential customers and managed sales process to avoid cultural misrepresentations

  • Established our client’s Mexico team, devoted to service their Mexico customers



Nepanoa not only aided its client in making the right decisions to accomplish their Mexico expansion but introduced them to large potential customers to enable their success in the country.  Today, our client successfully operates in Mexico and continues to grow its international footprint.  Nepanoa remains a strategic partner in other transformation initiatives.


How can Nepanoa help you? Reach out, we’re here to help.

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