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Entering the US Market

Our client is a Mexican-based loyalty rewards company that provides services to small and medium food & beverage establishments across the country.  As part of their strategy, they aim to continue growing by expanding their operations into the U.S.

Client Challenges


  • Lack of knowledge of the U.S. market (e.g. size, pricing, target clients, competitors, business dynamics)

  • Undefined international operating model

  • Absence of qualified personnel to accomplish US expansion objectives

  • Gridlock in cultural, language, and communication channels 

  • Regulatory landscape and political risk factors

How Nepanoa Added Value

We accompanied our client through the North Star and Execution Strategy phases of the Nepanoa Transformation Lifecycle to establish the roadmap towards a successful expansion.  The Nepanoa team fully immersed itself as part of our client’s team, bringing the right knowledge, unparalleled commitment, and expertise to “get things done”.

North Star - Ideated how the future looks for the client from a business, people, and technology perspective during and after the U.S. expansion


  • Led North Star workshops to determine in detail the client’s target operating model in the U.S.

  • Defined what success looks like for our client in the U.S.

  • Conducted assessment across finance, IT, human resources, processes, and legal teams to gauge the client’s U.S. market readiness 

  • Performed market analysis to define how to win the U.S. market: geographies, competitors, price, ideal client, market size, and SWOT.

  • Developed the client’s North Star profile, providing a clear vision of what will be accomplished

Execution Strategy - Determined and mapped out the necessary strategic initiatives to achieve our client’s North Star.

Lifecycle 2-07.png
  • Delineated Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Defined the “ideal client”

  • Designed and mapped the U.S. sales process

  • Elaborated our client’s Transformation Portfolio containing an individual profile for all initiatives to build our client’s future in the U.S., detailing: priority, impact, estimated cost, and timing




Nepanoa not only aided its client in making the right decisions to accomplish their U.S. expansion, but also provided a valuation of the business to facilitate financing.  Today, our client successfully operates in Mexico and has started implementing the proposed initiatives in order to grow its international footprint.  Nepanoa continues to be a strategic partner throughout the execution phases of the endeavor.


How can Nepanoa help you? Reach out, we’re here to help.

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