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Green Team 

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Gym Station


Now, head to the gym. 

Once there, locate the wooden balance and follow these steps to complete the challenge. 

The objective is to achieve perfect balance within the team.

  1. Position two team members on each side of the balance.

  2. Assign a third member to video record the activity.

  3. Use the available dumbbells to add weight to any side as needed.

  4. Collaboratively develop a strategy to distribute the weight effectively, aiming for a balanced configuration.

  5. To complete the challenge, maintain the balance even for 5 seconds.

  6. Dedicate 5 minutes to complete this activity. If you find it challenging to achieve balance within the given time, proceed to the next stations, as another team will be following closely behind you. 

"Teamwork divides the workload and multiplies the success."


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