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Improving and Harmonizing Processes

Our client is an international financial institution with a highly structured organization. As part of its effort to streamline operations, the client wished to improve and standardize its Procure to Pay (P2P) process. Operating in 45 countries, the requisites and due diligence required for this process were complex and posed a challenge throughout the organization.

Client Challenges

  • Unclear and inconsistent guidelines to determine a request’s due process based on its characteristics

  • Incompatible technology used throughout the processes, leading to manual and time-consuming work

  • Lack of workflow visibility of each request, leading to delay in contracting and payments

  • Unstandardized execution of the processes across sectors and countries 

  • Undefined roles and responsibilities for users

How Nepanoa Added Value

The Nepanoa team accompanied our client through the  Execution StrategySet-up, Execution , and Support & Training phases of our Transformation Lifecycle to oto accomplish its goals. We used Nepanoa’s Alloy Methodology (AM)  for process harmonization, to design, document, and standardize the P2P process across the organization.

Execution Strategy:  Designed the appropriate harmonization strategy to accomplish objectives

  • Identified key process users, stakeholders, and decision-makers

  • Established project tools, timeline, and methods of communication


Prepared our client for a 6-week process harmonization sprint


  • Hosted kick-off session with stakeholders and defined project scope


     Melting Point (AM)


  • Led interviews with users to understand the current state of the process and identify gaps, pain points, potential solutions, and KPIs

Nepanoa Lifecycle-02.png


Led the process improvement and harmonization efforts 


        Unbend (AM)

  • Hosted interactive Alloy workshops with users from all involved areas to share and adopt best practices and synergies, and design potential improvements.

  • Harmonized the processes by understanding every country’s and sector’s due diligence requirements and determining the value of standardizing vs upholding process variation


      Mix (AM)  

  • Documented changes and defined future state based on results from Alloy workshops and P2P leading practices

     Mould (AM)  

  • Performed final process walkthroughs with stakeholders, made final adjustments and obtained sign-off

Support & Training: Handed off the harmonized and improved processes to the client and began measuring KPIs

      Solidify (AM)

  • Developed an implementation strategy, user guide, and facilitators for the redesigned processes 

  • Assisted the client in the adoption and compliance of the redesigned processes 

  • Delivered a P2P best practice guide and provided further recommendations for out-of-scope improvements



Nepanoa not only aided the client in fulfilling its objective to harmonize and improve their Procure to Pay processes, but we did so by understanding the purpose of each process, actively engaging the users and stakeholders, and incorporating industry best practices. Today’s streamlined processes allow the organization to easily and transparently select, contract and pay for services.


How can Nepanoa help you? Reach out, we’re here to help.

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