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Orange Team 

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Starbucks Station

The next challenge awaits you at the Starbucks on the ground floor.


Coffee shops often serve as places where connections are made, and this time will be no exception.

Sometimes, it's easy to believe we have nothing in common with others, only to be surprised by the unexpected similarities we share. Discovering common ground with people fosters empathy and a sense of openness.

For this challenge, imagine that you're considering getting a tattoo, something deeply meaningful to you. Engage in a conversation with your team about your beliefs, passions, and dreams. Together, identify a shared aspect that resonates with all three of you, something you would be willing to have tattooed.

Whether or not you're a fan of tattoos, consider this exercise as a metaphor for something you genuinely care about.

“Deep inside us, we are not that different at all.” 

Phil Collins 

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