Setting Up Operations in Mexico

The global trade landscape is changing every day and Mexico continues to solidify its position as a country to expand operations into. The case for Mexico was strong before COVID-19. In the post-COVID-19 world, expanding or moving operations into Mexico should be considered a viable option for North American manufacturing companies. 

The reasons?

  • USMCA will be implemented in July 1, 2020, further uniting the North American region by providing guarantees related to rules of origin, labor, intellectual property, and anticorruption, among other areas. 

  • The rising manufacturing costs in China (e.g. labor and shipping) and the supply chain disruption generated by COVID-19, make Mexico a less expensive, closer, and more transparent option.

  • ​The trade war between China and the US will continue, increasing uncertainty and tariffs.

  • ​Mexico is the top trading partner of the US and has the appropriate infrastructure, talent, and culture to support more North American companies.

Nepanoa manages transformation projects for multinational companies with operations in Mexico and Latin America. Regardless of where you are in your Mexico expansion effort, we can help you be successful .

Every company’s Mexico expansion is different. Our experience managing these type of engagements enable us to drive your project forward, foresee issues, and manage risks. More importantly, we help you make the right decisions that will impact your company’s present and future.

Our goal is to safeguard your investment and help you establish operations in the most efficient way possible. Our bicultural and experienced team is ready to accompany you in this important journey.

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