Digital Transformation: Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”)

In an effort to become more efficient, your company is looking for opportunities to automate its back-office operations and has set the goal of significantly the group’s working hours over the next 12 months. You have read about the benefits Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) and other automation technologies, but you are simply not sure how it works. Or if it even works! The mere possibility of implementing such technologies in your back-office operations located in Mexico makes you nervous. “Will the technology work with our complex processes? If so, how much working hours will we save? Will it be reflected in our bottom line? Which tools should we use? Who will implement this technology with us? What are the implementation challenges? How will our employees react to such change? How will we communicate it? Will this new way of working be adopted fully? How will the “bots” be managed? Does this effort make sense?”

You have questions and Nepanoa has answers

Nepanoa’s team has accompanied clients through acquisitions in different countries before. Apart from the technology, legal and finance aspects of this type of integration, we find that the most challenging piece is guiding employees throughout the integration: culture, expectations and ways of working.

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