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How to become agile in uncertain times?

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

When we talk about Agile or Agility there are many methodologies, frameworks, practices, and tools that fit within these terms. Over the last decade, organizations in all industries have transformed their culture to become agile, since it is a way to quickly respond to changes in the market and overall environment. This is a crucial aspect in order to adapt to uncertain times. Being able to pivot and change your projects according to what is going on can be defining during hard times.

There are several different trademarks or characteristics of agile organizations. Among them, having a network of empowered teams and implementing rapid decisions and learning cycles are two that stand out. A flat structure and hands-on governance create an environment of collaboration and growth.

Here are some reasons why agile becomes a valuable tool in uncertain times:

  • Continuous improvement

Applying agile methodologies and tools that assist in decision-making allows for feedback cycles to help understand the impact of certain actions and then correct them. Oracle is a valuable tool that assists agility in decision-making. There are various Oracle implementations that can help accelerate innovation by managing documents, requirements, workflows, and more.

  • Focus on value

Agile helps during uncertain times because it puts value at the center. It requires empathy to define and detect what actually provides value when it comes to developing a product or providing a service. An agile company is one that is customer-centric and that is ready to provide the best value possible no matter the situation.

  • Reduces risk

Adopting an agile culture allows for change. It reduces risk because it means that the company is ready to take on any challenge. With every iteration, you reduce risk as you go. Implementing smart software such as Oracle’s Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services can also help you keep all data at hand so that it's available when the time comes.

In order to be ready for uncertain times, mindset and company culture are two main elements that can transform everything. We can help your organization be ready to face any challenge. The Nepanoa team is ready to help you with agile methodologies and implementing software such as Oracle’s suite can help you improve your decision-making skills.



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