Nepanoa COVID-19 Playbook

Nepanoa was born with the mission of accompanying international businesses through their most important transformation endeavors in the United States and Latin America. The occurrence of a global, critical and unexpected event like COVID 19 gives us the opportunity to fulfill our mission. The objetive of this playbook is to provide guidance and specific actions that may help businesses survive COVID 19 and better prepare for what comes after this crisis. The contents of this playbook have been divided by type and timing, as there are activities that should be executed consistently throughout, the crisis, while others should only be done at specific points over the next moths. The contents are: 1. Build the Team, p. 3 2. Timeline of Priority Actions, p. 4 3. People, p. 5 4. Exposure, p. 6 5. Communications, p. 7 6. Opportunity, p. 8 7. Reactivate, p. 9 8. Nepanoa can help, p. 10

Build the Team

Timeline of Priority Actions

  Executing the actios below over the ext 8-12 weeks may help save your business and better position it for the post-COVID19 world.


  Your first goal as an employer is to keep your workers safe. Honesty and transparency will be repaid with loyalty and trust i the future.


   Measuring the risk exposure of your business and planning for every scenario will become a major priority for every busiess this year.


 Communicate early and often as the current situattion brings the opportunity to create strong bonds with employees, clients and suppliers.


  All businesses will struggle throughout COVID19, but the visionary oes will turn a negative situatio into a positive one.


  Surviving COVID19 is fundamental, but taking advantage of the opportunities that emerged in this crisis should also be a priority.

Nepanoa can help 

We can accompany you through this crisis and help you be better prepared to reactivate your business.

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