Nepanoa Finding Opportunity During COVID-19

It feels like teams are running a million miles an hour reacting to new information on COVID19. Companies have been impacted heavily and many are “simply trying to get through this.” Surviving the crisis is a priority, but this time also provides a natural opportunity for businesses to implement change. The way we see it, businesses who attempt to only survive are doomed to fail. Businesses that devote time during this crisis to learn, prepare and invest in the future will not only survive, but will thrive in the post-COVID19 world.    This critical time should be used to perform necessary changes that are painful and time consuming during “normal”  times (e.g., organizational redesign, processes, policies and other low cost actions). During a crisis, the organization is naturally malleable, people are flexible and willing to rally behind change. Make the best of it. Nepanoa can accompany your business through COVID19 by helping identify and drive change during and after the crisis.

Nepanoa’s experience and digital tools can help your business perform the strategic actions described above in a remote manner.

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