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Strategic Sourcing in Latin America

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The post-COVID19 world for companies sourcing from Asia looks quite different than it did a year ago. Suppliers across the globe have been directly impacted and many of them may not come back. COVID-19 accentuated the importance of working with a truly diversified supply chain, where having your primary and secondary suppliers in different regions is the best practice.

Industrial suppliers in Latin American countries provide key advantages for businesses seeking new sourcing opportunities; cultural affinity, lower transportation costs, a skilled workforce, competitive labor costs, and fewer disruptions. While Mexico may be the first place to look into, a comprehensive sourcing analysis should include exploring suppliers across LATAM as a region.

Nepanoa can help you redesign your supply chain, find the appropriate suppliers in LATAM, navigate the negotiation, and establish a successful partnership.

Evaluate & Redesign

It would be a mistake not to explore different sourcing options at this moment. Now is the time to implement change.

We will guide you through the process of evaluating and redesigning your supply chain, estimating future demand, uncovering efficiencies, identifying risks, and helping you build resiliency during these uncertain times.


Not being strategic when selecting a primary or secondary supplier may break your business.

Nepanoa consistently updates its list of qualified suppliers in LATAM for different industries. Understanding your strategic objectives and needs will enable us to help you find and connect with the right supplier to secure capacity.



Negotiating in LATAM is a different experience. Legal and political environment, work culture, language, and negotiating behaviors play a crucial role in closing a deal.

We will accompany you on every interaction, advising you throughout the complete negotiation process, and helping you obtain a fair deal.


Getting the deal is fun. A true partnership is formed by consistently fulfilling the terms of the agreement over time.

The Nepanoa team will help you establish the process(es), controls, and metrics to ensure that your orders are fulfilled per the terms of the contract.


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