Post-Merger Integration

You have acquired a company in Queretaro, Mexico, and according to your expectations, this acquisition will enable you to increase your production by 30% and will significantly reduce your manufacturing costs. It sounds like a great plan, until you realize that combining the newly acquired entity is not as easy as it seemed. The right people must devote time and effort to make this investment productive.

“Will the new people understand our expectations? Our processes? We have a great culture and our policies reflect that… how will we make it work? Will their technology actually work 100% with us? How will training employees work? English has to be the official language, but I don’t want to lose any valuable resources because of language. Our systems are in the cloud and theirs are still on-premise, how can we make that work? Are there any legal issues with our plan? I hope we are right about those financial benefits we are supposed to experience!”

Sounds familiar?

You have questions and Nepanoa has answers

Nepanoa’s team has accompanied clients through acquisitions in different countries before. Apart from the technology, legal and finance aspects of this type of integration, we find that the most challenging piece is guiding employees throughout the integration: culture, expectations and ways of working.

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