Setting Up Operations in Mexico

Your manufacturing company is opening a facility in Mexico to serve the Mexico and US markets. Your expectation is that opening this facility will allow you to increase production capacity, save costs and improve your time to market. It is a challenging and complex endeavor, but the the benefits are important.

“Where in Mexico should our facility be located? What size and type of facility do we need? Should we rent or build a space? What type of people do we need? How many people do we need? Where will we find them? What is the most efficient way of training them? What regulations do we need to be aware of? What vendors should we include? When is the best time to do it? Should we even do it?”

Sounds familiar?

You have questions and Nepanoa has answers

Our experience helping companies establish and operate their business internationally will help you make this transition smoother. Regardless of where you are in the life of the project, we can help.

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