Relocating Business Functions to Mexico

Relocating business functions to Latin America is a viable option for businesses aiming to reduce non-priority spend, manage risk, and operate efficiently. Talent, time zone, language, culture, geographic location, and currency position Mexico as an ideal destination for US companies. Unfortunately, the execution of such a change can be cumbersome. In Nepanoa’s experience the main challenges to address when relocating business functions to Mexico are the following:

  • Navigating the regulatory and labor landscape in Mexico

  • ​Selecting the appropriate location (including services)

  • ​Finding, hiring, and retaining the right talent for your organization

  • Lack of culture alignment between the US and Mexico teams

  • ​Defective training

  • ​Absence of measurable results and metrics

Nepanoa’s bicultural and experienced team can accompany you in every step of this journey, safeguarding your investment by making sure that your relocation to Mexico is successful.

Phases of the Business Function Relocation

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