Recruiting the Right Team

Our client is a global provider of innovative supply chain solutions for companies in the aerospace, defense, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. As part of a recent merger, the company decided to expand its shared services center in Chihuahua, Mexico, and hire an additional 35 resources in 3 months.

Client Challenges

  • Misunderstanding of the compensation needed to hire the right talent

  • Inadequate use of existing search tools limiting the pool of candidates

  • Inefficient selection process leading to delays in hiring, often losing candidates to other companies

  • Lack of candidate pipeline management leading to duplication of efforts and missed opportunities to hire resources

  • Absence of a standard, data-driven, candidate grading system to evaluate all candidates under the same criteria

  • Aggressive timeline to complete the hiring process for all 35 resources

How Nepanoa Added Value


We accompanied our client through the Execution Strategy, Set-up, and Execute phases of our Transformation Lifecycle to overcome its challenges and accomplish its aggressive goals. The Nepanoa team fully immersed itself as part of the client’s transformation team, bringing technical knowledge, unparalleled commitment, and expertise to “get things done”. 

Lifecycle 3-02-02.png

Execution Strategy: Developed an agile-oriented execution strategy to standardize  the resource selection process:


  • Determined tools to use for candidate search and process management

  • Defined characteristics required for each role

  • Performed salary benchmark

  • Developed resource qualification matrix for each position

  • Designed new hiring process

Set-up: Prepared our client for the 3-month hiring sprint ahead:


  • Identified key resources and trained them on the new hiring process 

  • Established success metrics

  • Developed the “perfect candidate” profile for each role

  • Prepped key stakeholders for the hiring spring ahead

Execute: Led the hiring sprint efforts to accomplish the client’s goal


  • Launched national search for candidates

  • Identified and held initial interviews with 400+ candidates

  • Managed workflow for every candidate and maintained client leadership updated

  • Drove data-driven decisions during contract negotiations



Nepanoa not only aided our client in fulfilling its objective to find and hire 35 resources in 3 months, but we established a standardized recruitment process for them to continue executing on their own. A process that impacts the business positively, uses the appropriate technology, and is performed by fully trained resources.


As our client’s transformation program moves forward with other initiatives, Nepanoa continues to play a vital role as a companion every step of the way.


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