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Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”)

In an effort to become more efficient, your company is looking for opportunities to automate its back-office operations and has set the goal of significantly reducing the group’s working hours over the next 12 months. 


You have read about the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) and other automation technologies, but you are simply not sure how it works.  Or if it even works!  The mere possibility of implementing such technologies in your back-office operations located in Mexico makes you nervous.


“Will the technology work with our complex processes?  If so, how many working hours will we save?  Will it be reflected in our bottom line?  Which tools should we use?  Who will implement this technology with us?  What are the implementation challenges?  How will our employees react to such change?  How will we communicate it?  Will this new way of working be adopted fully?  How will the “bots” be managed?  Does this effort make sense?”


Sounds familiar?

You have questions and Nepanoa has answers


Nepanoa’s team has accompanied clients through process reengineering and process automation initiatives that have had significant efficiency and cost reduction results.  Regardless of where you are in the life of the transformation, we can help.


Nepanoa will accompany you throughout this journey.

Making Change Stick

Most technologically driven transformations to fail because people do not adopt the new working ways. Nepanoa will help you execute the change management strategies, training programs, and post-implementation support activities so that change is adopted fully. You will hit the ground running.

Why should we change?

We will help you understand the automation technologies suitable for your business, share success/failure stories and explore other ways to meet your objective. Using our expertise, we will identify different process areas to focus on and assess the suitability of the project.

Nepanoa Transformation Lifecycle2.png

Let’s Go Together

Our day-to-day project execution experience is unparalleled in this type of cross-border transformation engagement. It is here that the bicultural traits of the Nepanoa team come into play significantly.  We foresee challenges and risks and resolve them in a timely manner.

Reinvent or Die

Nepanoa will build a case for change with you, describing benefits, risks, dependencies, budget, resource estimates, expected financial results, and the impact on your people. Let’s make sense of this change.

Ready, Set, Go!

Together, we will establish a detailed project plan and “rules of the road” describing who, when, and how we will reach the established goals.  At this stage, the appropriate sponsorship, governance model, and detailed project plan become official.

Go vs No Go? That is the question

As partners, we will provide you with valuable insight based on our assessment and an opinion on how this effort will be successful in your company.  We help you make a tough decision, simple.

Bridging the gap between the Goal and Execution

We will design the right execution strategies to ensure that automation technology is implemented efficiently and nobody is left behind in adopting the new way of working. The change, training, communication, and testing strategies will become the playbook to execute the project.

Identifying the North Star

Our team will drive interactive workshops allowing you to “play” with different automation technologies so that you can imagine the future.  We will help you define goals, how success will be measured, and establish a logical transformation roadmap.

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