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Sky Team 

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Lobby Station

Let's go to the lobby station, where you will find sheets of paper, a marker, and a sleep mask. 

The purpose of the upcoming challenge is to observe the significance of communication skills, specifically the clarity in giving instructions and the ability to listen actively.

To make this activity enjoyable, we need your full honesty and commitment to stick to the rules. We believe that won't be a problem since at Nepanoa, honesty and commitment are inherent values, right?

Here's how the activity works:

  1. An image will be shown on the next page.

  2. One team member will be blindfolded and unable to see the image or the drawing paper.

  3. The remaining team members must provide verbal indications to recreate the image as accurately as possible.

  4. It's up to your team to decide whether both members not drawing can give instructions, or just one, or perhaps take turns.


  1. The person drawing must never see the image.

  2. The person drawing cannot talk or ask questions.

  3. The person drawing must remain blindfolded during the entire activity.

  4. Instructions cannot include phrases like "draw a house.

  5. Allowed instructions include directions like “place the pencil at the bottom of the paper, slightly to the left, draw a line upward, stop,” etc.

Please remember, this activity is designed for you to enjoy, and following the rules is essential for it to make sense.

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