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Significant Regulatory Change: USMCA

The mandate is to become more “efficient” and cut costs by at least 20% in your LATAM operations. The efficiency model being used in the company’s US operations doesn’t really apply to LATAM, as the capabilities and economics are completely different. At a first glance, it seems impossible and you have never gone through such an effort. 


Your intuition will tell you to terminate the bottom performers, but you know there has to be a better way.


“How will we communicate this to the workforce?  Who should we keep?  What operations will be impacted the most? Will we face any legal issues? This will be a major restructure of our business, how will we operate going forward? To what degree will our clients be impacted?  How will this change impact our bottom line?  Is this really the only way out?”


Sounds familiar?

You have questions and Nepanoa has answers


Nepanoa can help you be smart about cost reduction and help you identify different ways in which you can meet your efficiency goals. Reducing costs will not always be linked to the number of resources at your company.  Being strategic and strict about your capabilities, waste, processes and the appropriate use of the technology can go a long way.


Nepanoa will accompany you throughout this journey.

Making Change Stick

To accomplish the full benefits of this transformation, It is important to ensure that the changes performed to accomplish the cost reduction goals are fully adopted by the team.  Nepanoa can help you by keeping track of specific success metrics and performing ongoing training and support activities.

Why should we change?

Our comprehensive assessment will provide a clear picture of where to focus our transformation efforts.  Let’s identify which capabilities are a priority, over-complicated processes, automation opportunities, redundant tasks, bad sourcing agreements, and sources of revenue leakage.  There are different avenues to accomplish the goal.

Nepanoa Transformation Lifecycle2.png

Let’s Go Together

Understanding the expectations from corporate and the culture of the LATAM team(s), Nepanoa’s bicultural team will help you drive every aspect of the cost reduction program and measure its success.  We will abide by the project plan, meeting milestones, and foreseeing risks and issues to promptly resolve them.

Reinvent or Die

Each cost reduction initiative will be analyzed individually, allowing us to understand its cost of implementation, timeline, risks, challenges, and benefits. The case for change will outline and prioritize the initiatives, facilitating your decision to move forward.

Ready, Set, Go!

Nepanoa will help you hit the ground running. During this stage, we will confirm stakeholder participation, sponsorship, and a detailed project plan, as well as planning and executing an effective program kickoff.

Go vs No Go? That is the question

The comprehensive analysis and case for change provide us with the necessary information to make a decision on which transformation initiatives will be implemented.  Nepanoa will help you make the right decision for your business.

Bridging the gap between the Goal and Execution

Understanding your organization and leveraging our experience, we will help you design the right execution strategies to drive the transformation program.  Defining communication guidelines, roles and responsibilities, governance, issue resolution process, and training methodologies are part of planning a successful transformation.

Identifying the North Star

Nepanoa will drive sessions with relevant stakeholders to imagine how the future looks like after the efficiency efforts have been implemented.  Having a common view of the future will help us rally the organization towards change and guide our decisions as we drive the program forward.

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