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Transforming Operations

Our client is a SaaS technology company in the logistics industry that provides planning and execution services for the automotive retail, fleet and rental, OEM and auto auction industries. To support its aggressive international growth strategy, the company required a transformation and standardization of its operations.  Nepanoa led the way throughout this important effort.

Client Challenges

  • Lack of process standardization, definition, and documentation

  • Outdated or nonexistent management assets: processes, procedures, policies, and knowledge repositories

  • Duplication of efforts, misaligned objectives, and miscommunication between internal and external stakeholders

  • Improvement opportunities in the onboarding processes of new clients and employees

  • Unclear definition of roles and responsibilities


How Nepanoa Added Value

Using Nepanoa’s Transformation Lifecycle and our acceleration tools, we helped the client reimagine a new way of working.  Throughout 6 months, we partnered to transform and standardize processes and procedures that pave the way for growth.

North Star

  • Held workshops with key stakeholders to define the future stage of each key process and the challenges to get there:

    • Marketing

    • Finance

    • Human Resources

    • Client Success

    • Driver Marketplace 

    • Strategy


  • Designed ~100 strategic transformation initiatives to achieve the desired target operating model for international growth

Execution Strategy:

  • Developed a detailed roadmap for each transformation initiative to ensure proper execution

  • Prioritized initiatives with an impact vs. effort matrix 

  • Defined success and identified the metrics to measure it

  • Agreed to communication, training, and issue resolution guidelines across the company



  • Aligned stakeholders and users on the vision and the initiatives to be implemented in conjunction with Nepanoa

  • Developed tools and templates to develop operational assets: procedures, policies, and training materials



  • Developed a performance ongoing report to assess areas of opportunity on client support

  • Designed +180 minutes in interactive training courses and platform demos

  • Automated outbound processes in HubSpot to communicate with nearly 3,000 collaborators

  • Created or improved current employee and client onboarding processes

  • Created & updated +30 knowledge articles and communication materials 

  • Ensured proper handoff to our client’s team for sustainability and adoption

  • Communicated and carried out trainings for implemented changes

  • Contributed to define our client’s new structure, roles & responsibilities



Throughout the project, Nepanoa ensured that all initiatives were executed appropriately and were implemented in a timely manner. Today, our client operates in the US, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil.


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How can Nepanoa help you? Reach out, we’re here to help.

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