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Upskilling the Workforce

The way we work is changing every day and it won’t stop.  Automation is taking over daily tasks, artificial intelligence enables us to make better decisions, drones help us maintain infrastructure in remote locations, and virtual reality allows us to build a customized world for clients.  Technology is driving efficiencies and most companies are already using these technologies to gain a competitive advantage.  You have to implement some of these tools to keep up, but wonder if your resources to use them.  Will you change your complete workforce?  Impossible.  You have to do something, but you don’t even know where to begin.

“Do we have the right people to take on the new ways of working?  How far away are we?  How can we make sure that the “saved” time is spent on value-added activities?  Do we have the right people performing the right jobs?  How will we add skill to our company?  How will we train teams to adjust to change?  How will we measure adoption and usage?  When is the best time to do this?

You have questions and Nepanoa has answers


Nepanoa’s experienced team can develop and drive upskilling programs that help companies change the way they work.  Today, one or two training sessions are not enough.  Companies have to build the narrative behind the effort, be engaging, and more importantly, ensure and measure the program’s success. 


Nepanoa will accompany you throughout this journey.

Making Change Stick

Training is at the heart of every upskilling program.  The challenge is making sure the organization is using the new skills and capabilities to work on a daily basis.  Via ongoing training and post-transformation support activities, Nepanoa will accompany you to help you make change permanent even after the original program is complete.

Why should we change?

We will help you identify what skills and capabilities you truly need and gage the digital skill level of your resources.  Nepanoa will provide several options on how to move forward depending on your company’s goals and strategy, identifying the right way to do things.

Nepanoa Transformation Lifecycle2.png

Let’s Go Together

As partners, we will drive the upskilling program from beginning to end.  We will organize and lead all sessions, ensure we are meeting our milestones, and foresee issues and risks. We will help you measure success and adapt our actions, if necessary, to reach the established goals. 

Reinvent or Die

Understanding the reasons for change and the options available, Nepanoa will help put a value, priority, and timeline to every upskilling initiative. The scope of the effort is delimited and the impact of the program on your company’s people, business, and technology is defined.

Ready, Set, Go!

We will help you be ready to embark on this journey.  Among others, let’s set up the right governance team, sponsorship, change champions, kickoff activities, and issue resolution workflow.  The project plan is now final and has been reviewed and approved by relevant stakeholders. We’re ready!

Go vs No Go? That is the question

Using the information available and understanding other factors impacting the business, a decision must be made on whether, and how, to move forward with the upskilling program. Nepanoa will help you make that decision and support it with data.

Bridging the gap between the Goal and Execution

The future is now known and the objectives are clear.  How will we get there?  Who will participate?  How will we measure progress?  Nepanoa will accompany you in defining what change, training, communication and project management strategies will be implemented to make the upskilling journey successful.

Identifying the North Star

Nepanoa will drive North Star sessions that will enable you to imagine the future in a tangible manner. What roles will exist? What capabilities will be developed? How will the organizational chart look? This effort will bring all participating stakeholders together and make them feel part of the upskilling journey that is about the begin.  The vision of the future and objectives established will guide every step of the transformation.

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