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Our Methodology

Nepanoa Transformation Lifecycle

Our proven transformation methodology enables us to accompany our clients through all the phases of change implementation.

Regardless of what triggers a transformation, we provide a strategic perspective and execute actions that will help us accomplish the project's goals.

Hover over each phase to learn more about what it entails.

New Transformation Lifecycle-29.png

Ready, Set, Go!

Get ready for kickoff following the strategic principles defined for the transformation and set up the tone.  Among others, define:
  • Governance Model
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Audience & Clients
  • Deliverables & Approvers

  • Project Management Methodology & Templates
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Kickoff

Ready, Set, Go!

Investigate and define how this change will impact the 
company’s present and future: people, business, technology.
  • Pros vs Cons
  • Strategic Coherence
  • Prioritization
  • Risk Impacts
  • Financial Consequences
  • Play to Capabilities

Bridging the gap between the Goal and Execution

A coherent strategy will drive the successful execution of the project.
  • Sponsorship
  • Communication Type & Cadence
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Overall Timeline
  • Training Methodology
  • Implementation Methodology

Why should we change?

  • Acquisition / Divestiture
  • Technology Upgrade
  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Change in Strategy
  • Obtain Market Share

Identifying the North Star

Imagine the future in detail; how does it look like? 
Defining the North Star will guide all decisions through the transformation.  
Each transformation should have its own mission and vision fitting into your company’s overall strategy.

Go vs No Go? That is the question

Understanding the Case for Change and the value of the  initiative towards the business, a “Go vs No Go” decision must be made and communicated to the appropriate parties regarding the transformation.

Why should we change?

It is easy for people to go back to the “old ways” and ignore the transformation that just occurred, even if they were part of it.
The execution of an effective post-transformation support and training strategy, plus measuring the right success metrics, is important to making change permanent.

Let’s go Together

Small and large transformations following agile, waterfall or a mixed methodology, will face challenges.  The key is being able to foresee them, avoid them or solve them.  Nepanoa's transformation experts have seen it all and are ready to confront this endeavor with you, side by side.

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