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Implementing Cloud ERP

Your company has operations in the US and Mexico. Your on-premise ERP is 15 years old, has been impossible to maintain, and is being decommissioned.  More importantly, the customizations you have built around it make it incredibly rigid and inaccurate.  Nobody trusts the information coming out of Finance.  Needless to say, it is time for a change. You have read about migrating to the Cloud and wonder if it would benefit you (believe us… it does).  This is a big change and your company’s reputation adopting change is, well, not the best.   


“What is the best system for us? When would it be the best time to undertake this project?  How much will it cost? How much time will it take?  How will IT react to this?  Who will implement it?  How will we communicate this change to the people?  Will the system be easy to use?  How will we train our resources?  We have to implement this system across 2 different countries, 2 different currencies, 2 different cultures, and 2 different languages, how will we do that?”


Sounds familiar?

You have questions and Nepanoa has answers


Nepanoa’s team has accompanied international businesses through the implementation of new ERPs in the Cloud.  Whether your provider is Oracle, Workday, SAP, or other, our expert team can help you manage this endeavor from beginning to end, understanding the impact this change will have on your people, business, and technology. 


Nepanoa will accompany you throughout this journey.

Making Change Stick

Technology-driven transformations fail mainly because users do not fully adopt the new way of working. Apart from fully executing the established communication strategy, Nepanoa will provide pre-Go-Live training and post-Go-Live support to help you reap the benefits of the ERP sooner. No one will be left behind in this transformation.

Why should we change?

Nepanoa will help you evaluate the pros and cons of implementing a new ERP system and discover the reasons why a change is necessary. We will identify pain points, business requirements, interfaces, and reports to obtain the full scope of the project and provide different options on how to move forward.

Nepanoa Transformation Lifecycle2.png

Let’s Go Together

Nepanoa will accompany you in driving this transformation program from beginning to end, managing all aspects of the effort. Our bicultural team will ensure that messages are clearly understood and the ERP is implemented and tested on-time and on-budget. Meeting milestones and going live is what we do.

Reinvent or Die

Understanding the scope of your organization and the effort required to change, we will help you develop a comprehensive case for change, delineating the benefits, challenges, estimated budget, timing, and vendors. We summarize the right information for you to make a decision.

Ready, Set, Go!

The start of such an important project needs to be impactful. We will help you be ready by establishing the appropriate team, engaging the right stakeholders and users, planning the kickoff session, and executing an effective communication strategy focused on the benefits of this change. Enough planning, the transformation officially starts now.

Go vs No Go? That is the question

Nepanoa will provide you with success and failure cases, along with an independent opinion on whether if, and when, you should move forward with this transformation. We will drive decision-making sessions with relevant stakeholders and analyze if this is a “Go” or “No-Go”. We help you make an important decision, simple. 

Bridging the gap between the Goal and Execution

At Nepanoa, we are convinced that agile methodology is best suited for ERP implementations, but implementing technology is only one piece of the puzzle. We will help you design the right work sprints, teams, timing, level of sponsorship, issue resolution workflow, governance model, and change management plans, as part of this transformation.

Identifying the North Star

We will help you imagine the future by modeling your requirements under different ERP vendors. These sessions will help us define the future state at a more granular level, choose the right ERP partner, and establish what success will look like at the end of the road. The established vision of success is what will drive our day-to-day decision-making throughout the ERP implementation. 

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