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US Expansion of Mexican Industrial Conglomerate

Our client is a Mexican-based conglomerate of industrial, mining, and energy companies with operations in more than 10 cities across Mexico. As part of their growth strategy, they aim to offer their products and services to the US market.  Nepanoa helped accomplish this goal.

Client Challenges


  • Lack of knowledge of the U.S. market (e.g. size, pricing, target clients, competitors, business dynamics)

  • Undefined international operating model

  • Absence of qualified personnel to accomplish US expansion objectives

  • Gridlock in cultural, language, and communication channels 

  • Regulatory landscape and political risk factors (e.g., USMCA and Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act)

How Nepanoa Added Value

We accompanied our client through the Trigger, Case for Change, and Decision phases of the Nepanoa Transformation Lifecycle to establish the roadmap towards a successful expansion.  The Nepanoa team fully immersed itself as part of our client’s team, bringing the right knowledge, unparalleled commitment, and expertise to accomplish our client’s objectives.

Trigger - Understood the conglomerates’ products and services to align them with the company’s US expansion objectives.    


  • Obtained information about each business, deeply understanding: products, services, challenges, and opportunities

  • Visited the clients’ facilities to obtain a better understanding of their operations

  • Hosted individual interviews with key stakeholders to dive into the specifics of each business (e.g., go-to-market strategy, barriers of entry, competitors, internal challenges, and their vision for the future of the business)

Case for Change - Analyzed the US market for each of the conglomerate’s businesses to understand the size of the opportunity.


  • Performed market research to identify and vet potential clients for each of the conglomerate's business 

  • Valued the size of the US market for the company at $43 USD bn breaking it down by business, products, and services

  • Evaluated the impact of the USMCA on the company, focusing on tangible challenges and opportunities

  • Gauged the direct benefits of the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act upon their businesses

Lifecycle Colors-06_edited.jpg

Decision - Provided the client with Nepanoa’s independent recommendation about the US market and guided the organization through the decision of expanding into it.


  • Consolidated the information gathered throughout our effort in a comprehensive market assessment

  • Provided the company with +100 prospect clients for each of their businesses and contact information




Nepanoa identified, analyzed, and advised on the conglomerates’ US expansion efforts. Two months past the project’s closure our client has secured deals with the shared prospects and continues to grow its international footprint.  Nepanoa continues to be a strategic partner throughout the execution phases of the endeavor.


How can Nepanoa help you? Reach out, we’re here to help.

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