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Mexico’s Top Manufacturing Industries

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Among the many great things that Mexico has to offer, its manufacturing power is among the most important ones. All over the country, you can find manufacturers that work hand in hand with some of the biggest companies in the world. Manufacturing in Mexico can be a great strategy for several different industries. Companies that used to rely on China or other Asian countries for manufacturing are now looking at Mexico as a convenient option. This is mainly due to it being a cost-effective strategy and because of the high-quality and diversified workforce that the country has.

Here are the major manufacturing industries that you can find in Mexico:


Mexico is the 1st in automotive exports to the United States and it is ranked as the 4th largest exporter of this industry in the world. There are several industrial clusters around the country, especially in the northern part of Mexico, close to the border. Companies such as Ford, Honda, BMW, and many others manufacture in the country.


The aerospace manufacturing industry in Mexico continues to grow as it accounts for a big part of foreign direct investment, approximately $33 billion USD per year. About 300 aerospace companies manufacture in Mexico; among these, we can find Cessna, Airbus, and Honeywell. Nowadays, nearly every piece of an airplane can be manufactured in Mexico.

Medical devices

More than 600 medical device manufacturers have established nearshore operations along the U.S./Mexico border regions. This industry has reported over $9.05 billion annually in exports and continues to grow.


Given that the Mexican workforce is highly specialized and fast-growing, the electronics industry is also experiencing quick expansion. Electronics manufacturing includes consumer electronics, but also components used by computers, appliances, and more. Guadalajara especially has become a place recognized for its software and technology manufacturing.


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